ChatGPT will make more people more money faster than anything else in history.

It’s not a “Will it happen” thing, it an “Already happening” thing.

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Teach you how to make money using ChatGPT.

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I’m not a fan of long introductions - or wasting your time with unnecessary fluff - so this is the only one you’re going to get.

My name is Vin Clancy, and I'm a marketer/growth hacker with 10+ years of helping entrepreneurs and brands make money online using cutting-edge strategies.

For the past decade, I've worked with absolute monsters of industry - from Universal Music Group to the British royal family, to the biggest music artists in the world, and everything inbetween.

My job is to get results, even if there is little budget to work with.

I started my first online magazine when I was living on less than $100 a week, on welfare/benefits, and scaled that business to 20 million visitors with almost zero marketing spend and zero adspend, using viral content.

What makes this newsletter different to the 100+ ChatGPT things you keep seeing in your newsfeed?

  1. I’ve made tens of millions of dollars for my clients using marketing techniques new and old. You don’t want complex prompts, you want the minimal amount to learn to help you as fast as possible.

  2. I *only* focus on ChatGPT functions that help you make money or make your job easier. That’s my beat. I won’t waste your time with updates on anything else unless it helps you make money.

  3. I’ve coached thousands of early-stage entrepreneurs, so I know what to focus on to get you from zero to revenue as fast as possible.

Ready to join my world?

A.I. Cheat Codes: How to make money online using ChatGPT/A.I is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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1) My “50 ways to make money with ChatGPT” (the $39 book which launched my ChatGPT bundle that made $50,000 in three weeks)

Understand- The BIG difference between ChatGPT and EVERY OTHER way of making money online is ChatGPT will DO THE WORK FOR YOU

This isn’t like making content, hoping to build an audience, inventing an offer that you hope will convert, then having to fulfil on the product/service

  • In my book I have 50 services companies will pay you to do all day long.

  • No more working on the content farm (unless you want to!) ChatGPT will expertly do the work for your clients

  • The first ever ChatGPT guide specifically written about HOW TO USE IT TO MAKE MONEY.

2): How to use ChatGPT as your secret superpower to get hired…fast! (ebook)

Chat GPT can give you SECRET SUPERPOWERS that will wow any potential employee.

No more “here’s my resume, here’s why I want to work with you”

With a few simple prompts ChatGPT can write a marketing/growth plan for the company you’re applying to work at, create an entire content marketing funnel, create a sales funnel with all sales copy, create a social media strategy complete with all content of the posts, and much more!

To create all of the above would take less than five minutes with the prompts you’ll get in this guide.

Imagine you send all that, and the person after you sends their Resume and cover letter only.

Who are they gonna reply to about a job interview???

3): 402 Social media ChatGPT prompts pack

You will be sent a download link for a HUGE pack of social media prompts the minute you signup to a free subscription to A.I. cheat codes!

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A.I. Cheat Codes: How to make money online using ChatGPT/A.I is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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How to use Chat-GPT to get clients fast (currently sold for $79)


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“Roasting my premium members” You send in your ChatGPT prompts, funnels, ad copy, landing pages, and social media pages, me and my team write short, useful, feedback to help you make money faster


3 ChatGPT-products

The 20 Mega-prompts to build an entire business from start to finish (live in 30 days)

1500 prompts

500 prompts

2 bonus packs:

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(Hint: the real gangsters expense this ‘ish at work…Is a valid write-off for tax reasons under “training” column if you’re a solopreneuer/run your own company too)

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Vin Clancy

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